Our Philosophy

Dreamtree Events began when two free-thinking dreamers saw a gap in the wedding industry and noticed that what the world said weddings should be just wasn’t for everyone.

Our open-mindedness and commitment to serving others now has filled that hole. We set out to inspire and bring serenity to all those couples that are in a state of overwhelm. Teaming up with each individual couple and their ideas to redefine the so-called “traditional” wedding, we work together to create something outstanding by making it their own.

We are known to deliver the most personal and stress-free weddings.
That’s because we care deeply about you and we’re committed to making your day spectacular while also making the process irresistibly fun!

We’re here to help you break the mold and to bring you pure wedding zen.

Be present. Enjoy the process. Embrace the moment.


Our aim is to deliver your unique vision in the most supportive way so that you can relish in the moment.

We understand that this is the time when you bring the true meaning of your partnership to the forefront, incorporating your personality, spirituality, and of course, your sense of humor!